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 on: December 13, 2018, 06:07:45 PM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Thunderace
Motorcycle handlebar switchgear generally will not stand too much current,
so easy out is to just fit a bunch of relays,
four terminal,
terminal 30 of the relay goes to power source (say 'battery' in our box),
terminal 87 of the relay connects to the thing we want to control,
86 to a 'switched' power source ('ignition' or 'lights' in our box)
and then terminal 85 gets hooked to the wire from the handlebars,
which then when you ground out that wire via the switch,
operates the relay, and turns on the light/sounds horn etc.

This means the handlebar switchgear don't have to handle the high current,
and since we are only grounding at the switch,
a fault which shorts to frame, no long results in melted wiring.

I guess we should mention fuses,
generally if you used good stuff and made sure there is utterly no possibility of anything shorting out, you don't need fuses,
however those tacky custom marker lights you bought,
yeah they are bound to short out someday,
so you want a fuse which can also feed the tacky number plate lamp.
If you are running a front brake switch,
the feed to the switch needs a fuse,
alternative again would be to add another relay,
earth terminal 85 via the brake light switches,
and then largely remove the fault condition which required the fuse.

So some fuses are probably required,
but in the main, the aim was to remove the possibility of faults,
(or at least reducing it down to the odd swapping of a relay,
but even that,
well yeah I own one of those big Citroen estates,
the stock fit relays are Cartier,
they cost more than the cheap generic relays,
but they don't seem to fail,
Subaru trike burnt many a fan relay,
changed it to Cartier,
no further problems.
But like I say they cost more money.

Vaguely interesting point,
since automotive 'makers' are generally more 'assemblers',
ie a large proportion of the however many thousand parts and sub-assemblies,
are bought in from companies who specialize in that type of thing,
be that a gearbox from Zahnradfabrik Friedrishshafen,
a radiator from Valeo, or a nice Jaeger clock,
but the point is some makes and models use better makes of component,
and others bought lighting equipment from the prince of darkness himself !

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 on: December 10, 2018, 05:56:19 PM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Thunderace
I dread looking at the wiring on the trikes which arrive here,
same every time, coloured sgag, stick tape messes,
and them red/blue/yellow crimps that fall off at a loud sneeze.

I figure less than great wiring will see you at the side off the road more often than anything else.

Production vehicles for sure come with a pre-formed loom,
thousands of units, makes sense to go that way,
for the one-off home constructor less so,
it's a pain, if nothing else you find you need one more wire to go for here to there.
and you got to un-tape the whole mess and re-tape it again,
and hey it's a custom vehicle, things are subject to some on going change.

So my simple alternative is to use cheap YY industrial control cable,
it's less than a pound a metre, and comes with as many or as few cores as you could ask.
The 1mm Csa will carry 10amps while 1.5mm will stand 15 no problem,
we just give every thing on the trike it's own cable,
with as many cores as needed.
And then bring all the cables into a box,
the box can be home to a bunch of relays,
a strip of terminals and maybe a fuse or two.

So basic ingredients list would be;

1 pint aluminum or plastic box
100 Faston crimps and their cute little rubber booties
6+ Hylec PA80 interlocking terminals (Farnel 1211488)
1   Hylec PA81 End cover                (Farnel 1206594)
4+ Relays QH XRL101 Cartier 03601 or equiv
1 flasher relay
5 metres 5 core 1mm csa YY control cable
5 metres 5 core 1.5mm csa YY control cable
3 metres 12 core 1mm csa YY control cable
6 metres 2 core 1mm
3 metres 16 awg Silicone high temp hook-up wire.
Earth tag strip

For sure the lengths and numbers of cores you need may vary a bit,
but as a general example of a basic hook up.

So here is how the system goes,
each 'thing' gets it's own multi core cable,
the cable runs from the 'thing' (be it light unit or switch cluster) to the box.

In the box the strip of Hylec terminals,
I tend to call the first one 'battery'
second 'ignition', third 'lights', forth 'left'. fifth 'right' and sixth 'brake',
but you can add as many more as you like,
these things clip together like Lego for wiring.

Same with the relays first one I call Hi beam, second Dip, third Start, forth Horn 
so when it comes to hooking up those wires,
it's going to be a dead simple 'by the numbers',
so look as a simple example lets take the cable to the left tail light,
all we got to do is stuff core one on to terminal three (lights),
core two into terminal four (left), and core three to terminal six (brake),
and we done.

Well ah,
yeah crimping the ends on,
slight snag,
while the 'Faston' style crimps are both wonderful and cheap,
(And look so cute with their little booties, just like proper OEM !)

The tool to squeeze em down on to the wires is seventy quid,
I have a cheap thing which you can find for £10 to £15 quid,
it's bent all out of wack due to me squeezing hard,
but does the job, or some times I have been known to solder them on,
and just squeeze them with the pliers as strain relief for the insulation,
you can do em with just the pliers with some care,
I am sure the seventy quid tool is great,
but we don't need it,
small child and smaller pliers (remember to thread the rubber boot on the wire first,
they won't, hell you didn't when you were doing it).

Ok enough typing for the moment, will continue this one later     
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 on: December 03, 2018, 04:34:29 PM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Thunderace
Neither trike saw daylight this year though due to us both being ill/ job changes etc.

Sorry to hear that CP, bit of a shame,
But hey dozen weeks or so and it will be spring again,
and time to drag them trikes out again.

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 on: December 01, 2018, 08:31:29 PM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Cityprop
Been real good weather all in.
Neither trike saw daylight this year though due to us both being ill/ job changes etc.
All good now though.
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 on: November 30, 2018, 10:12:24 AM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Thunderace
Yeah Kev put a good set of pictures on his site;

Mostly shows how messy the process is for sure,
I had thought of linking to the pictures Kev took with the body removed,
as an illustration of how what lives under the body can be quite different
to the shape that adding the body gives.

Hopefully sometime in the new year I shall be building a trike based on Renault/Peugeot drive train,
I will try and get some pictures of that posted (if the Forum is still here).

But hey great to hear from you CP,
how is the weather up where you are ?   
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 on: November 30, 2018, 09:07:00 AM 
Started by WOOD BUTCHER - Last post by Thunderace
6mm (1/4) number and letter punch sets are available on Ebay,
as are various vendors offering to stamp a fresh vin plate,
with what ever numbers and letters you desire.

I am still curious about what the man didn't like about your rear lights ?
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 on: November 29, 2018, 11:50:41 PM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Cityprop
Would be good if you could post up the pics of the Austinix build to show the beauty of fibreglass.
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 on: November 29, 2018, 09:14:23 PM 
Started by WOOD BUTCHER - Last post by WOOD BUTCHER
need a vin number made anyone know where i can get one done i have looked for a set of embossed punches on line but can not find any so making my own seems out of the question need to sort it out so the DVLA will then give me my new number plate any one got any ideas
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 on: October 28, 2018, 11:00:25 AM 
Started by Thunderace - Last post by Thunderace
Ok first thing unicorns have to be 'Bovidae',
and they 'died out' with the enclosure of land acts.
Not equine, and never available in pink.

Before that time it was a practice to remove one horn bud of a young animal,
be it a goat kid or calf,
and then tether the one horned one to a post,
and like some magic the rest of the herd don't wonder off,
they stay with the one horned one which is unable to wonder.

How well this worked ?
I have no idea,
but cattle and goats were farmed for thousands of years before fields were enclosed with hedges or dry stone walling,
so how do you stop Daisy and Carabell wondering off,
let alone goats,
have you ever tried dealing with goats,
even with six foot of electrified netting you can still end up having to 'retrieve' them from up to a quarter mile away,
don't get me wrong I like goats,
I loved Pluto Shervington's tale of cooking up a dead goat found while traveling by bus,
but they do have a real habit of doing exactly what you did not want,
you put them out in the paddock,
do they graze the lush vegetation ?
no they climb the trees and eat every new shoot and bud,
you give them hay to eat and straw bedding,
they eat the straw and sleep in the hay.
and while you nip to the shop they are over the fence and eating next doors daffodils.

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 on: October 27, 2018, 10:02:55 AM 
Started by WOOD BUTCHER - Last post by Thunderace
Cheers for the heads up on that one Punky,

I renewed blindly with Adrian Flux as usual back in June,
don't recall price
(I find it better not to, but if it broke the bank, I would remember, over hundred, less than two)
but when I first tried insuring my Subaru,
well the few I phoned before Flux,
all said no after a short pause and me having mentioned 'Subaru' and the cc,

John Lance had had the same with his Saab trike,
(images of Stig Blomqvist flying through air presumably)

So I admit not even wanting to try to swap insurance companies due to the pain
that is dealing with paper pushers on a good day,
I am better with metal and numbers.

I went in to the Halifax, local branch where I am known by counter staff,
tried to open a current account,
went armed with Driving license, Passport, pile of utility bills etc,
driving license current but no photo,
passport expired four days previous but hey nice photo,
no good,
muppet has no answer as to what I should bring as proof of ID,
even a bill from them to me at the address,
why you send me bill if you doubt who I am,
none of it,
I walked.

I wrote to the head man in person,
I questioned the logic of allowing a person thousands of pounds credit,
but having a problem with allowing that same customer to open an account to pay money in to,
needless to say I got no reply.

How Fred Flintstone manages to switch accounts on the TV add I do not know.

Is it me or is the world getting dumber ?   

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