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 on: June 20, 2018, 06:39:58 PM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Thunderace
Kwak GPZ 900 front end which I still have in the shed.

Long gone equals three hours ?

so, hopefully the trail bike yokes are to fit a suitable diameter tube,
which means they can be turned into some kind of leading links ?

Meanwhile the 'drawing',
Ok the stolen Audi bit is vaguely about right,
except the one I have here is the longitudinal mount,
so it's long, but not as wide.

As a rough, I would be cutting a pair of top rails at forty four inches,
bottom fifty one with forty five bend twenty six inches forward,
might merit a brace near the bend,
'Boom' seat height I think was twenty four,
so top rails eighteenish above lower,
I think when I looked at this before,
because the motor cants over right hand top rail can terminate at cylinder head,
(44 minus length of block),
while left has to go all the back to the bellhousing.
But hey that was just me looking at the thing as round tube for the front section.
If you are going to chuck a cheap glass shell over the top
then go with the box section.
I need to stop typing, I suspect I need to eat  trike.gif

 on: June 20, 2018, 03:09:52 PM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Plasticpig
The GPZ forks have long gone, but I do have the headstock/engine cradle and a nice pair of alloy trail bike yolks which fit the GPZ headstock.

 I found a drawing for an Audi Hundred Quatro which I stole and modified.

 on: June 20, 2018, 01:10:41 PM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Thunderace
something similar to a Boom

Ok taking that as size, ninety inch wheelbase, with close to twenty four seat height.
allow five, maybe six inches ground clearance
and we are already getting near to having a cutting list for the tube lengths.

Sell the GPZ forks and the ford motors,
make new legs for Ural forks.
 trike.gif trike.gif

 on: June 20, 2018, 12:19:05 PM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Plasticpig
I am not a super fan, but with a big old rear engine and drive train, I was thinking something similar to a Boom or other german trike. The frame in the pic would be nice with a Kwak GPZ 900 front end which I still have in the shed.

Otherwise I have a load of tube left over, and will knock one up.

 on: June 20, 2018, 10:39:33 AM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Thunderace
I think the Audi rear end will suit it better

Not sure what difference that will make Doug,
I tend to come at the problem as being a nominal wheel base,
so while bits of engine which stick up in the way effect things a little,
generally the engine/trans unit is just what makes it go,
and very similar trikes can be made from various power units,
since they all fit under similar bonnet space,
and usually have plenty of places to bolt extra brackets.
Though depending on what we want to build some power plants are easier to work with than others.

So I think that comes down to the age old lack of plan thing,
ie what we want to build ?

Once that bit is decided, bending up a few tubes to give a chassis of the right length,
and seat height is relatively quick and easy.

This may not be the best answer (regarding your picture),
I will look at the picture again later.
 trike.gif trike.gif 

 on: June 20, 2018, 08:50:50 AM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Plasticpig
Its a very long story, but I was given the frame in the pic below.

I was going to tack the Micra lumpt to it, but to be honest it is very thick wall tube. I think the Audi rear end will suit it better, and the big wheels and tyres I have are also 4x108mm pcd.

 on: June 19, 2018, 11:37:05 AM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Thunderace
I will come over the bridge as soon as I can.

Kettle is already on Doug !   trike.gif trike.gif

 on: June 19, 2018, 10:41:00 AM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Plasticpig
Cheers Peter.

 The reason I was looking at the G*ldwing stuff was that I took my grandson to the Welsh classic car show in Cardiff, and met some of the local G*ldwing owners club. I did start thinking a wing trike would make a nice tourer for my old age, but after doing some home work it looks like the engines and bodywork are still expensive. The one I have been offered has only done 60,000 miles, but has been standing for a long time. The club members have been picking it over so the lump, frame and panniers are left. The main benefit that I can see it that it is registered and would be easier to convert. Apparently the exhaust system is around 500 quid.

 On thinking about it I still have two front end sections to use on a rear engine trike, plus some other bits.

I will come over the bridge as soon as I can, and hopefully we can go from there.

Ta. Doug

 on: June 19, 2018, 07:55:35 AM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Thunderace
        well as long as the three of you are undamaged.
Yeah blood sugar variations (not eating) will mess up one's body chemistry for sure.
Accident sounds like a awful close call, lucky to still be here,
traumatic, messes with one's head.

Yes of course I still have a Audi engine/trans and wiring harness,
and it's still yours if you want it.

As I said before while you are here I will pop the body off my own trike,
if you see how little need be involved maybe progress can be swifter.

I have plenty of junk here all ready, I probably don't need any more,
(tempting though more piggy engines might be).

While for your build there probably would be some parts usable from GL1500,
what might look like a short cut (whole chassis),
is more likely to cost more time and effort than it saves.

K series is for sure a better bet than the ford,
Cologne was better than Essex, but ford is still a four letter word !
Paint it up, some idiot will bite your arm off,
I have listed a few of Kev's stock Pinto's Kent's etc,
all sold very quickly (within hours of listing on E bay).

That would give you some cash to buy in or get some forks made,
again as we have said before, telescopics are a poor choice,
at a push crosser PTFE bushed units (RM125) sort of work,
but probably limit wheel choice.

Anyway great to have you back here Doug,
hopefully a few others who were purged will re-join the forum.
regards Peter 

 on: June 18, 2018, 08:10:27 PM 
Started by reliantman - Last post by Plasticpig
 I have just re-registered onto the BTW forum as a new member, having been demoted to guest for a while.
 I did not realise that my last post was in May 2017, and that I had not answered your post at that time. I apologise for being bad mannered, as things seemed to go down hill from there.

 I finished my first year in uni and went back at the start of September. Then I ran out of petrol on the Cardiff bypass/link road with my wife and daughter in the car, and we were stuck on a bad section of carriageway with no pull-ins. I decided to push the car up to the off-ramp where we were heading for anyway, and we managed to push the car for two hundred yards with a load of traffic passing close by. I had turned on the hazards and laid a hi viz coat over the back window.

 On the off-ramp I said to get back in and we could roll down to the roundabout where the petrol station was just round the corner. Both the Daughter and wife were back in the car and I was just closing the driver's side door when it was wrenched out of my hand and exploded at once.
 It turned out a wagon loaded with forty four tons of sand caught the car a glancing blow with the end of it's bumper, taking the side off the car.

 We were all ok, and lucky to be alive, and I thought that was it, but christmas and new year I started having migraines every day, where I usually only have a bad one every six months. To make a long story short I gave up uni because I was not doing the course work, and have not done much of anything since. It turns out it was not migraines, but low blood sugar because I had stopped eating properly, and I am working my way through that. The Quac reckons I was blaming myself for the accident and I think he is right.

 I have been doing some trike stuff, but am even more disorganised than usual. This is why I am hoping you will give me your usual kick in the arse and get back on track.

 From my mate Ian I bought a complete Ford Cologne 2.3 with auto box and back axle. He also had five Jeep/Continental wire pattern alloys with four good white wall tyres.

 I was given two 12x15 steels with Ford/Bedford PCD, fitted with Kelly Supercharger tyres. Also two new Moon hubs to fit. With this is a Ford Escort axle, narrowed to about three feet by Chris Ireland.

I also managed to be given a narrowed Bedford Rascal axle, and  had made two ally adaptors (4.5 inch to 100mm PCD). With these are two Vauxhall Zafira 16 inch steel rims with new rubber to match the Bedford diff ratio.

Finally there are two 850 Reliant lumps which have been standing for a while and would only be good for spares.
What I am going to say to you might sound like the usual crap, but I am trying to get myself back together as at the moment I am a bit lost.

 My mrs said to just build one big trike, so I was looking at something I could use to perhaps do a bit of touring on before I got too old.

 That is why I bought the V6, but I think it might be too much hassle. On a side note I bought a Land Rover Freelander the day after the Rover 25 was written off, and it has been a good car. I like the front wheel drive and unit construction floor pan at the front. I was thinking of getting another 1.8, and using the entire front end at the back of a Boom type trike.

 I have to mot the Freelander I have in three months, so another one for spares would not hurt. They are reasonably cheap as well, but I can't remember if you like the K series lump or not.

 The main idea I have going round my brain at the moment is using the whole of a Gold wing frame with a transverse lump at the back. I have been told about an 88', 1500 engine and frame with logbook for 400 quid. It would also be dead easy to fit one of those axles on the back and use the flat six, but I have read that engine parts and exhaust, ect are expensive for those models.

 While typing this I was just thinking about your Audi back end, and a Goldwing body welded to the front. I think it is too much to ask if you still have it, but if you did, and would like to do a deal I would offer you any of the above bits in trade as I don't feel right about turning up and taking it.

 If that has gone, how about a 1.8 or even v6 Freelander behind the Goldwing bodywork, or a homemade front end?
 I am sorry if all this has come out of the blue again, but I have been struggling with what to do with myself for months now.

Thanks. Doug 

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