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Yes a cracking set of AGM minutes, thank you very much Pukeboy for doing this for us... Grin

 on: May 06, 2015, 07:21:25 PM 
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Good one Pukeboy  Grin  trike.gif

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Brothers of the Third Wheel
UK Chapter – AGM
April 18th 2015


Area 1 – 2 members
Area 2 – 7 members
Area 4 – 1 member
Area 6 – 3 members
Area 7 – 5 members
Area 8 – 5 members
Area 10 – 2 members
Area 12 – 12 members
Area 16 – 2 members
Area V – 1 member
Area X – 6 members

Apologies for absence

Dianne Owen
Darren 'Dazman' Taylor
Sue Biggs

Punky Opened the meeting by introducing the directors and our host Rob. Beanos letter of Apologies for Abscence was read out, and Punky thanked Rob and Area 7 for hosting the meeting.

It was with great sadness that Punky reminded us of the loss of one of our brothers this year – Paul Salmon. Everyone was given a shot of Mead, and we all gave a toast to Paul. Rest in Peace.

Actions from last AGM

Last years' suggestion of issuing service patches for key years of membership is going well, with a number of patches being issued this year. These are service award patches and are issued free of charge.

It was agreed that anyone leaving BTW would not be entitled to come back, and this has been seen working in Area 4.

Directors Report

BTW UK have had another good year for memberships, with BTW UK ranking 2nd in the world. 1st place goes to California with 176 memberships, and the UK follow close behind with 153 memberships (thats memberships, not members). With a push, we hope to make top spot next year!

We have been invited to attend the AGM in France, however it is noted that this falls on the same weekend as the Trikes-R-Us Rally. Any members still interested in going to the French AGM please contact Punky for details.

A big thank you was extended to Beano and Paula for all the hardwork they do with the Newsletter and the Triker Magazine, it is very much appreciated. Mamabike was also thanked for her work in getting T-Shirts, etc. made and distributed.

Punky closed by thanking everyone for attending, and looks forward to seeing us all through the year.


Area 3 – This is currently Vacant; anyone wishing to take on this area please come forward.

Area 6 – with Paul Taylor unable to continue as Roadcaptain due to ill health, Chris Marshall (Dusty) has put himself forward as Road Captain – Voted in by Punky, Seconded by Nutty.

Area Wolfpack – Spider has put himself forward as Road Captain – Voted in by Dusty, Seconded by Ma.

Jackies Financial/ Treasurers Report

Everyone was given a copy of the previous years financial report and Jackie talked us through the money in and money out adjustments.
Jackie explained the Chapter fees, where some members had joined BTW USA and not actually BTW UK. She also highlighted where we had monies in from Raffle donations, such as last years Boxing Trophy that was auctioned off. Finally, Jackie explained that as we had to open a new Paypal account, we had needed to spend 1p in order to validate the bank account.

Jackie wished to thank the Company that supplies the Ink cartridges for free, making supply of things like the Newsletter much cheaper.

Jackie concluded by thanking the Road Captains and Directors who voted to convert Shaun and Jackies' Lifetime Membership to Diamond membership on their behalf.

John Jones proposed that the report was accepted as a true representation of last years finances, this was seconded by Mamabike.

Road Captain Reports

Area 1 – Area is still quiet. Have 3 members now, and hoping to do a custom show next year.

Area 2 – Things are going well, and we have good relationships with the local MC's and MCC's. We had a good time last year at Hunstanton, and are looking to make a BTW holiday there this year in September. Details to follow.

Area 3 – Absent

Area 4 – It has been quiet, but started to get more active from the end of summer. Also commented on the good time had at Hunstanton last year.

Area 5 – Not present

Area 6 – Trying to revive the area, having a meeting planned for May. Has had interest from at least 10 people who may wish to join.

Area 7 – Nice and quiet for now, area going steady, having 5 members.

Area 8 – Doing a lot of work supporting the local MCC's and MC's to get themselves known and accepted. Have had 3 new members this year.

Area 9 – Vacant

Area 10 – Area doing well. We have 8 members, and are doing what we can to be accepted by local MCC's.

Area 12 – Doing great, we have 21-22 members now. We have 4 trikes being worked on at the moment and well on their way. Had a fundraiser at a local Supermarket in Leominster last month which went really well and got some good publicity.

Area 14 – not present

Area 15 – not present

Area 16 – Going okay, 6 members in the area now, and meet the 1st Sunday of the month.

Area 18 – (written report)

Area X – We have had a fairly quiet year here in Area X. We have had 2 members in our area that have not renewed their membership, but we have had 3 new members join so we now have a total of 10 members. We have a friendly group and when we meet each month we always have a good laugh, even if it is mostly at Sue! We had a great New Year’s Carvery ‘Meet Up’ in January that was so successful we have decided that we will make this a regular, annual event. When Area 51 was still going, we used to present the Mark Pell award to the person in this Area that the members felt had contributed most. Well, to carry his legacy on we will continue to do this in Area X and this will be presented at the January Carvery Meet.

We, like some of the other areas, pay subs each month. We started the year with £82 And after another year of subs and deductions for Rally Games equipment and an Area X Photo-board, we have £168 In our funds.

We haven’t had any ride-outs in the past year, partly due to me not having my Trike on the road to be fair. That is set to change with the new season upon us. Everyone is looking forward to getting out this year, and in addition to having ride-outs one of the thing we have in our diary is having a stall at a local Village Fun Day next month, where we will be promoting BTW, getting ourselves known in the community and helping to raise funds for our chosen Charity, the Derbyshire Blood Bikes.

In summary, a pretty quiet year, but looking forward to the year ahead!

Area V – Having fun, but no one visits! Only 2 members for now, but have good relations with the local MC.

Wolfpack – New in the role, but Wolfieplum has said he is more than happy to help coach Spider with the role of Road Captain.

MC Liaison Report

Shaun reported that there were no problems really. Issues with MC's are best handled locally by the Road Captains. If there is still an issue, or something that the Road Captain is unable to deal with, that is then when they should think about contacting Shaun.

Members Secretary Report

Ian said it was going well. He is trying to do mailshots 3 months prior to membership renewal to encourage people to renew. Ian requested that everyone keep him up to date with their contact details to ensure this runs smoothly.

Punky asked who would like to host Next Years AGM, and Nutty Volunteered Area V in the Isle of Wight, perhaps making a weekend of it. Proposed by Punky, seconded by Dusty.

Agenda Proposals

Proposal 1 – All BTW members to offer to sell their Patches/ Badges back to BTW if they choose to leave. Punky explained that it could potentially cause problems if the Badges/ patches were bought freely by non members (ie. Ebay) and were worn in the wrong places by the wrong people. Everyone agreed that members should offer to sell their patches back to BTW on leaving. Proposed by Punky, seconded by John Jones.

Proposal 2 – Proposed that 3% of monies raised by BTW UK to be sent back to BTW HQ to help funds, particularly the Hardship Funds. Mixed views were expressed on this subject, with some members thinking it a good idea to help get the finances back on track in BTW HQ, whilst other members thought that we pay enough in membership fees to the USA, and that we dont see much return to the UK. Punky explained that in the UK, we have helped some members suffering hardship anyway. Shaun informed us that in the USA most chapters dont actively recruit, and that this is something they need to address. After some discussion, it was decided that we would not send 3% to BTW HQ at this time.

Any Other Business

Dusty (area Cool asked if we could be sent an updated members list. Ian apologised for the delay and said he would send it out ASAP. In the meantime, Jackie said she had an up to date list with her if someone needed information after the meeting.

BTW Threedom Rally – If anyone can offer assistance to Area 12, all help welcome. This years Rally is 50's theme. Jackie suggested using a coloured tag method for judging the Custom show, as she'd seen it used at other rallies to great effect. After a discussion about numbers of guests who could attend, Hobbit pointed out that numbers couldn't be too high as the Pub is doing the catering and they wouldn't be able to cope with too many visitors. Shaun then proposed that the rally be another Members only rally, which was seconded by Hobbit. Finally, it was requested that John Jones does NOT scare the kids this year!!

Ma wanted to elaborate on the BTW Holiday in Hunstanton. Its a real family location, with Cabins, caravans and camping. The size of the pitches are very generous. They are organising a holiday for 11th - 14th September. Prices are £91 for a 3 day pitch and £64 for a 2 day pitch (each pitch is thought to hold at least 4 tents). More information can be found on the BTW UK Page.

Once again, members were thanked for attending, and meeting closed.

 on: May 04, 2015, 08:08:51 AM 
Started by Xytec - Last post by mamabike
Hiya Mamabike.
Sorry unable to make threedom rally this year. But I look forward to reading and seeing pics of this great rally afterwards.

Hopefully I get to see as many brothers as possible at trikefest this month.

Ride Safe Ride Free
Respect Rocky  trike.gif

Hi Rocky,

Shame to be missing you this year but you will definately meet lots of our brothers and sisters at Trike Fest.....BTW usually the biggest turn out  Grin  trike.gif

 on: May 03, 2015, 10:11:35 PM 
Started by Xytec - Last post by Rocky
Hiya Mamabike.
Sorry unable to make threedom rally this year. But I look forward to reading and seeing pics of this great rally afterwards.

Hopefully I get to see as many brothers as possible at trikefest this month.

Ride Safe Ride Free
Respect Rocky  trike.gif

 on: May 03, 2015, 12:41:30 PM 
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Thanks for posting this!  Smiley. It is near a few of us so I'll put it on faceache if that is ok? Unfortunately I have plans for this weekend but some may be interested. I live in Sheffield  Cheesy

Hi Rocky,

You not going to our Threedom Rally in July? xx

 on: May 03, 2015, 12:37:07 PM 
Started by Xytec - Last post by mamabike
Thanks for posting this!  Smiley. It is near a few of us so I'll put it on faceache if that is ok? Unfortunately I have plans for this weekend but some may be interested. I live in Sheffield  Cheesy

 on: May 01, 2015, 11:07:08 PM 
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Sorry Bro.
Only rally I'm going to this month is trikefest.
Hope you have good rally weather for your new trike.
Ride Safe Ride Free
Rocky  trike.gif

 on: May 01, 2015, 02:23:50 PM 
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Hope this is right place and ok to post, please delete or move if wrong.

Snake Pass Rally: May 9th 2015

Anyone going this?

Its a week tomorrow and has its own facebook page.

This will be my first rally on new Trike Smiley

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