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These rules are here to simply make your experience on the forums better - they set out some guidelines that are, basically, the online equivalent of being polite to someone in real life.  Nothing more and nothing less.  They are NOT designed to try to become some form of online police state, or anything like that

If you think that something on here is not reasonable, let us know - if you think that there is something that should be on here, but is missing, let us know.  These forums are FOR the BTW UK community and because of that are completely up to YOU!!!


The two most important rules, for BTW UK Community Forums are simple:

1 - Have fun! Ultimately the word COMMUNITY is the one that should be most important.  BTW is meant to be just that!

2 - Have respect!  This means respect for the rights, feelings, values and opinions of all other people who use these forums.


The following are more detailed rules to ensure that everyone who uses these forums has the best experience possible.  They are certainly not exhaustive - and may be subject to change at any time - so if you feel that there is something missing, or needs clarified, please PM the admin.


Advertising Websites

Advertising websites is prohibited in posts and new threads apart from the LINKS section. Anyone who makes a post JUST to advertise a website, outside of the LINKS section, will have that post deleted the first time.  The second time the website URL will be added to the banned word list (meaning it won't work) and on a third offence the user will be banned.

However, you may also place a link to a website in your signature, providing it does not break the signature rules.

Make sure that whatever you are advertising it meets the laws of the land - failure to do so will result in the steps above being taken.


Spam is classified in a number of ways. It can be:

Useless posts
Reviving a dead topic (something older than a month and on page 3, for instance) for no reason
A post that breaks a rule
Posting a topic in an incorrect forum (for example a joke in the technical section)

Those are some common spam posts. Basically, do not break a rule and do not post ignorant messages and make your posts HAVE a point. Don't start a new thread asking a question you could easily find by yourself. Don't start new threads asking others their opinion when you don't answer it yourself.  

Double Posting

A double post is what it means: a user has posted twice in a row basically replying to himself/herself. To avoid this, use the edit button. Remember that -- double posting is a form of spamming.


A "flame" is when you insult someone. Here at BTW UK Community Forums we try to have a community where you can freely express your views without too much moderation, but at the same time we do not want your views if it can offend another member. Thus, if you deliberately and willfully insult/attack someone, you are risking being banned. Now, we do not read EVERY single post on the forum, but we try. If a flame is nothing to do with race, sexuality, family members, or threats (such as killing) chances are it's probably not a bad insult. Everyone should remember that the internet is a very sterile environment - there is no way to tell if someone is joking when read in a line of text.  If you are posting something think twice in case it offends/insults someone but also if you are reading a post do the same.  If you think that you have been 'flamed' then please take it up with the individual - via PM - first.  If it cannot be resolved take it up with a moderator or admin.

Insulting staff

Insulting a staff member may result in a ban. Some staff members do not care if you insult him or her, but others do, so don't try to insult a staff member because you don't know what the outcome will be. Remember the staff are just here to help you.

Staff moderating rights

Any staff member has the right to edit any post he or she feels is inappropriate (against the rules, for instance). If a moderator edits your post and you feel that it was in no way "harmful" to anyone, you should contact an administrator.


You are able to upload images directly from your PC to the BTW UK Community Forums.  This means that you won't have to go through a third-party vendor (such as Photobucket or Imageshack).  BTW UK Community Forums cannot be held responsible for the content, availability or copyright of these images.

Allowed images

There should be no offensive material (porn, nudity, extreme violence, etc) whatsoever on the BTW UK Community Forums.  Anyone posting these images are liable to be banned.  

User Options

Signature limits
Most people have signatures with an image or two. This is common, so there must be some rules regarding signature size - these are, however, pretty much common sense: Don't have a signature so large that it takes up more space than most of your posts!

Signature advertisements

Using your signature to advertise a website, a business or an item for sale is allowed.  The use of  the signature for advertising sites having hardcore pornographic content. however is not acceptable and all signatures relating to such cheap advertisements will be removed. If complaints, arguments, or disrespect of this rule is presented, your site and your account could be banned.

Signature text

Signatures and their content is shown after each of your posts, and therefore the text must not be offensive. Like posting, it cannot involve racism, sexism, or insults towards someone's sexuality.

The amount of text you are allowed to have in a signature is currentl.y set at 500


Registered users may have avatars up to 100 x 100 (width times height, in pixels) with no maximum file size. Avatars with nudity or offending content (racism, offensive towards religion, offensive language, criminal behavior, etc.) will be removed. Be considerate of others -- just because something doesn't bother you doesn't mean other people want to see it.


List of staff

Coming soon

What can staff do?

Administrators have the power to do anything -- see your IP address, IP ban, appoint moderators, make new forums, edit forums, edit threads, edit users, ban users, and a whole list of other things.

Global/super moderators are allowed to edit, move, lock, and delete threads throughout the whole of the forums.

Moderators can only edit, move, lock, and delete threads in forums they moderate.

When should I contact a staff member? Who should I contact?

First off, there should be a legitimate reason to contact a staff member (if it is board-related). If a moderator or admin locks your topic and the explanation in the post is not clear, you are permitted to PM him or her and ask why. Do not try to debate too much, though, as most threads are locked for a reason.  If you are having a disagreement with another member then please try to resolve it privately in the first instance (via PM or email - not actively on the boards!)  If you cannot resolve the issue then please contact one of the staff.

If you need help with your account itself (ie to ask how to do something, if something isn't working as expected, if you want your name changed, etc) then please either post in the support section or contact an admin.

What if staff abuses their rights/powers?

If you feel a staff member has abused his or her powers, you should contact Administrator via PM

The rule to end all rules

This is important – DO NOT TAKE THE PISS  Grin.  This rule has existed since time began and will continue to exist when we are all dust.  End of the day this rule is a ‘catch all’ of sorts.
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