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It was a joke Sad

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Yeah though I was fairly horrified listening to Yanks talking about the proposed health care reforms.
It seems the american's are generally happier to pay twice as much for a poorer standard of health care than other developed nations than adopt any thoughts of compassion.

All those years of the cold war,
and it turns out what american's are really scared of is better value health care ?

No really thank goodness we do live in a place where the state does provide,
health care, and education, and all the other stuff,
the alternative is far more frightening,
plagues and epidemics spread by an underclass with no access to health care,
mass illiteracy, higher crime rates,
and millions left to die on the street.

It's cold, it's wet, we only see the sun for a brief few hours a couple of times a year,
yeah I think it's only reasonable to pay someone for coming here.
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