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Author Topic: 1st Skull splitters bike show.. area 18  (Read 331 times)
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Well what a grand day out !!!  started the day with Budge and Rex calling round for a brew on the way to the show, we had a pleasant rumble up to Great Stukeley to the Three Horseshoes pub where the skull splitters mcc from March were holding their 1st bike show. A nice relaxed atmosphere with plenty of different bikes and trikes turning up and the weather held out without the rain which had been forecast.. Budge looked very majestic on the back of Rexs trike although i think he was suffering with altitude sickness being so high up !! . Plenty of free tea and coffee and a good BBQ which was very well priced so all in all a very good effort from the local mcc and a show we enjoyed , the bikes and trikes were judged by the mayor of march and we all waited expectantly for the best trike category to be announced, and when Spike called out EY53 DOJ the room fell silent with curious looks from everyone. i even said theres only 4 parked out there but then Rex suddenly realised that might just be his trike and was quickly sent outside to check !!!!  and yes he had won best trike !!!  well done Bro next time try to stay awake long enough lol
All in all a great day and look forward to the next one..  i will post some pictures soon ... Badger

* P1030765.JPG (3173 KB, 2560x1920 - viewed 79 times.)

* P1030759.JPG (2952 KB, 2560x1920 - viewed 78 times.)

* P1030762.JPG (3111.5 KB, 2560x1920 - viewed 79 times.)

* P1030768.JPG (3099.5 KB, 2560x1920 - viewed 73 times.)

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Nice one... trike.gif

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Brilliant!  Grin
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