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Author Topic: Reversing & Christmas  (Read 243 times)
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« on: December 25, 2016, 04:51:39 PM »

First off Merry Christmas,
I type this as it is indeed Christmas day,
though both switch mode power supplies to work the fancy lighting have blown,
and the valve on the hot water is not sealing or something,
(Early hours water coming through ceiling,
was not getting in attic to investigate,
turned off cold feed to tanks in attic).

So yeah could be seen as less than merry here at Thunderace towers,
but hey I have given myself the day off,
watched a couple of episodes of weird American crime drama,
had a lovely bath,
coffee, couple of smokes and ready to type,
so yeah hence Merry Christmas,
to you all,
or at least any poor unfortunate who has the miss fortune to read this.

However day off,
day off from trike building,
latest thing to turn up in the workshop is a half built Reliant,
frame is 'Manky Monkey' style in malleable galvanized water pipe,
it sure won't float away on a light breeze,
But it's fairly minimal, it's your basic chopper frame with outrigers to bolt a beam axle.
so I have bolted a Sierra 7 inch diff in the back,
and am going to chop the outriggers off and mount up a semi trailing arm in place,
with thus articulated wheel stations,
and suspension rather than rigid at the back,
so yeah a Reliant with a proper independent rear end !

However while doing this a neighbour came over chatting about how there was once a time when by blanking off reverse a Reliant could be driven on a motorcycle license.
Well this had me, I have heard many times,
but never figured where the heck it came from,
well turns out that before 1963 there was indeed a legal provision that allowed the delivery boy to pilot the motorcycle based delivery trike,
The 3/25 Regal was the first of Reliant's glass body threewheelers and that only came out a year before,
and as far as law went was overweight to be driven on the delivery boy 8 cwt thing,
But yeah seemingly for one year of production you could have lied about the weight,
and blanked off reverse and thus driven it at sixteen on a provisional bike license.

So unless you were sixty nine this year,
it never applied to you,
but never the less that is where the whole thing comes from !
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