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Author Topic: Dumb stuff people say and ask (or why I don't go out much part 2)  (Read 274 times)
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The most recent,

"I was going to build a trike using a front wheel drive car engine,
but I couldn't work out how to lock the steering"

I struggled with any kind of an answer,
took me a while to get my head round,
(I had an engine as providing motive power,
being attached to a transaxle made it a useful building block,
but steering was not part of what it did kind of thing).

Turned out there was still a fixation with wanting to use the whole sub-frame,
though if that was the case surely bolting up the rack ends would have done the job.

I don't know, I admit I have a hard time with some of it.

Usually they spot the yellow raised lettering on the cam covers,
and announce "I bet that's fast".

Ether that or they spot the open gates belts driving the cams,
and exclaim some concerns about trouser bottoms.

Now and then I get asked about the neck rake angle,
and I get to show lock to lock one finger,
which was a little more intelligent.
Usually that leads into my Subaru still having the stock 3AT and what were the 4x4s front discs being hooked to a lever on the right hand bar,
so it's an 1800 twist-and-go, one handed,
usually that has them baffled and scratching heads.

Though if I can get them as far as showing them the lack of frame,
oh that's usually a beaut,
meanwhile this still means that my contact with the outside world
is one of bafflement on both sides most of the time,
(all of it)  trike.gif trike.gif trike.gif  
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