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Author Topic: Unicorns  (Read 26 times)
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Ok first thing unicorns have to be 'Bovidae',
and they 'died out' with the enclosure of land acts.
Not equine, and never available in pink.

Before that time it was a practice to remove one horn bud of a young animal,
be it a goat kid or calf,
and then tether the one horned one to a post,
and like some magic the rest of the herd don't wonder off,
they stay with the one horned one which is unable to wonder.

How well this worked ?
I have no idea,
but cattle and goats were farmed for thousands of years before fields were enclosed with hedges or dry stone walling,
so how do you stop Daisy and Carabell wondering off,
let alone goats,
have you ever tried dealing with goats,
even with six foot of electrified netting you can still end up having to 'retrieve' them from up to a quarter mile away,
don't get me wrong I like goats,
I loved Pluto Shervington's tale of cooking up a dead goat found while traveling by bus,
but they do have a real habit of doing exactly what you did not want,
you put them out in the paddock,
do they graze the lush vegetation ?
no they climb the trees and eat every new shoot and bud,
you give them hay to eat and straw bedding,
they eat the straw and sleep in the hay.
and while you nip to the shop they are over the fence and eating next doors daffodils.

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